About Course

This tutorial is a follow up on the 3 month Work Experience Course but providing extra learning as well as more real Work – Experience exposure. The purpose of this course is at the end of this you will understand the Full stack Architecture and a glimpse of what is required in order to become a full stack developer.

This course is designed for students looking to become Front-End Developer as well as Cross platform Mobile Developer. At the end of this course you will be more better in a position to be employable. Also this course can teach you other areas more than just Front – End Development.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to team and methodology approach.
  • Live meetings and team overview.
  • Source Code Set up and Project Setup.
  • Introduction to front end code base and tools.
  • Demonstration of front end libraries and best practices.
  • Overview of react components and redux hooks and other advanced features.
  • Git hub pull request , task handling and ticket issues.
  • Overview how the methodology approach works and how tasks are completed.
  • Task allocation and review.
  • Task Explanation and support.
  • Task review and feedback.
  • Contribution overview with feedback on strengths and weakness.
  • Introduction to mobile development and full stack development architecture.
  • Introduction to native mobile development and cross platform mobile development.
  • Mobile development SDK setup Android and IOS.
  • Source code setup and project setup.
  • Introduction to React-Native libraries for building mobile apps cross platform.
  • Demonstration of React-Native Component styling.
  • Demonstration to Sagas for React-native and differences of data passing and consumption.
  • Mobile Development Task Management and Contribution Overview.

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