About Course

This tutorial will help you learn HTML quickly and efficiently, and help you to understand the core basics of HTML elements. And, the types of HTML elements that are there as well as what HTML Elements are used for each purpose. Moreover you will get a clear understanding of the structure of HTML which is essential to understand the backbone of a Website and Web Application.

This course is designed for students looking to become Front-End Developers its a 4 week course, pact with everything that is required to understand what HTML is and why it is needed.

What Will You Learn?

  • HTML:  Editors, Basics, Elements
  • HTML: Attributes, Heading, Paragraphs
  • HTML:  Styles,  Formatting,  Quotations
  • HTML: Comment,  Links, Tables
  • HTML: Images, Lists
  • HTML:  Blocks,  Iframes
  • HTML: Semantics, Entities,  Symbols
  • HTML: Forms,  Form Elements,  Input Types
  • HTML:  Input Attributes,  Input Form Attributes
  • HTML: Canvas, SVG, Media, Video & Audio

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