About Course

This tutorial will teach you Python programming language from beginning to advanced. The purpose of this course is to ensure you are able to feel comfortable with this programming language and be able to use this language in different areas of software engineering.

This course is designed to be completed in 5 weeks and is designed to give you the skills to becoming a Python Developer.

What Will You Learn?

  • PY: Syntax, Introduction.
  • PY: Numbers, Math Functions, Operator Precedence, bin() and complex.
  • PY: Variables, Expressions vs Statements, Augmented Assignment Operator, Strings Methods.
  • PY: Booleans, List Methods, Dictionary Methods, Tuples and Sets etc.
  • PY:Logical Operators, Loops, args and kwargs, Functions etc.
  • PY: Developer environment, Advanced Python (OOP).
  • PY: Advanced Python Error handling, Advanced Python Generators.
  • PY: Modules in Python , Debugging in Python.
  • PY: File I/O ,  Regular Expressions and Testing in Python.
  • PY: Career Paths in Python, Scripting with Python, Scrapping data with Python.
  • PY: Web Development with Python,  Automation/Testing,  ML and Data Science.

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