Learn to Code

We teach children and adults proper coding

Added Feature




Receive assignments and submit them to be checked by your teachers.

Live Lectures

Get your doubts removed and your concepts cleared by meeting your tutors virtually in live sessions.


Receive assignments and submit them to be checked by your teachers.

Miscellaneous Videos

Watch useful videos other than those directly related to your course, such as counselling videos.

Children and Teenagers

Programming Skills

Learn the basics of programming using Python and write your own code in the very first lesson.​

Academic Approach

High quality courses led by experienced instructors. We take coding education seriously and provide expert teaching with ongoing support.

Fun and Creativity

We're passionate about teaching coding in a way that is engaging and enjoyable. Our courses are highly interactive, with activities that stoke imagination and creativity.

Flexible options

We run both live online courses and in-person courses. We offer flexible options during holidays and term-time and we also run courses for private groups.

Courses for Adults

Programming for work or for life

We focus on those starting to learn how to code. This is often the hardest step. We make it easier.

Flexible options for professionals

For professionals who want to add coding to their skill set, either for their current work requirements or for future needs, we offer a range of flexible options, including live online courses.

Interested in coding for quantitative applications?

Our curriculum is structured to start from the basics and cover more intermediate topics as well, including options for using programming for quantitative applications such as finance, science and other data-driven fields.

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