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We are

FST Technology Academy

Where young minds and seasoned learners unlock the world of coding together. Empowering kids and adults alike with cutting-edge skills, we pave the way for a future in technology. Partnering with our sister company, we offer real-world software engineering experiences, bridging education with industry seamlessly.

Kids coding

8 to 14 years of age

Frontend Development

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, React, Tailwind.

Backend Development

Python, SQL Database, NodeJS, MongoDB, Express.

Mobile Apps Development

Intro to mobile app Dev with (Flutter), React Native

Emerging Technologies

Artificial Intelligence, Ethical Hacking/Cybersecurity, Robotics, Clouding with AWS

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Linux, Git and Github, Speed typing, Jest, Work experience, Cypress, Typescript

Children and Teenagers

HTML Course
CSS Course
Continous Development

We offer opportunity to

Jumpstart your Tech career

Learn in-demand skills gain valuable work experience build an impressive portfolio

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Adult Courses

HTML Course
CSS Course
Continous Development

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